Have Vocal Chords, Will Travel

As some of you know, I joined Toastmasters years ago in order to put some spit-shine on my school presentation skills.  This week, I took a break from the school speaking circuit and gave a speech to a local women's club (over 100 ladies in attendance). and I had a great time.  It's always nice when the audience gets your jokes.

Here's how I was introduced:  "Don't let his lack of hair follicles fool you.  Greg Trine is the author of eight books for children, which one reviewer called 'Way more compelling than the phone book.'  Another said he liked them more than a root canal.' and a third said, "These things a chocked full of nouns and verbs."

Get them laughing before you start your speech.  That's my theory.
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Great presentation by Greg Trine! Children and adults were fascinated by his unique journey of becoming an author...Greg's entertaining yet realistic account of becoming an author inspired all of us to read and write just for the sheer joy of it!

Nancy Thorne
6th grade teacher, Hawthorne Elementary School