When Greg isn’t writing funny books for kids and teens, he usually can be found cracking them up live and in person. Need an author to visit your school? Greg’s your man. With plenty of visuals and audience participation, Greg delves into the writing process and the fun of storytelling and writing humorous books for kids.  Your students will come away with:

  • The importance of writing beyond the first draft
  • Where unique characters come from
  • Using personal experiences as inspiration for writing their own stories
  • And much, much more

A typical school visit is three assemblies and a book signing.

California - $1200
Outside California - $2000

Greg_Trine Greg Trine lives in his hideout in California, where he has been saving the world since the seventh grade. What was he doing before this time? He doesn’t remember, but he’s pretty sure it wasn’t saving the world. Like his favorite superhero, Greg has trouble stopping trains, though he can stop a truck simply by looking at it.

When he is not ridding the world of devious and sinister bad guys, he is either trying to invent a new flavor of ice cream—his last one was Rainbow Trout Ripple—or writing funny books with his sidekick Rhode Montijo. Sometimes Greg makes Rhode laugh, and sometimes Rhode makes Greg laugh. They’re keeping track of this, and so far it’s a tie.

Greg is pretty sure he received a college degree in something, from a university somewhere. But it’s been so long that he’s probably forgotten everything he was supposed to have learned. He’s just glad to have discovered children’s books, and it is here he wishes to stay for a very long time. Or at least until Thursday.

RhodeRhode Montijo is superhero Greg’s sidekick. He enjoys creating art from his top- secret headquarters in California. He believes that creating children’s books is super! His weakness: red licorice.

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The MELVIN BEEDERMAN, SUPERHERO series is published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.