Melvin Beederman

Melvin2Occupation: superhero

Powers: flying, running faster than a speeding bullet, x-ray vision, gerbilspeak

Strengths: noggin power, math

Weaknesses: bologna, takeoffs, stopping a speeding train

Likes: math, The Adventures of Thunderman cartoons, pretzels, root beer

Dislikes: seeing people’s underwear

With his stellar math skills and uncoventional good looks, Melvin graduated at the top of his class from the Superhero Academy. It is no wonder—Melvin is great at everything. Well, almost... it may take him five or six tries to fly, and it is sometimes difficult to stop a speeding locomotive. Not to mention he can’t turn off his x-ray vision. Everywhere he looks, he sees nothing but underwear! But he still manages to save the day just in the nick of time. After all, he’s just doing his job.

Candace Brinkwater

CandaceOccupation: Melvin’s assistant, third-grade student

Powers: flying

Strengths: flying, sports

Weaknesses: bologna, superhero lingo

Likes: theater

Dislikes: math, bullies

Candace Brinkwater may be new to the superhero life, but already bad guys are shaking in their boots. They also tremble at the sound of her name. And with good reason. She holds the world record in the one hundred yard dash. She once scored five hundred points in a single game of basketball. School bullies and milk money thieves beware—Candace means business.

Grunge McNasty

Occupation: notorious bank robber, all-around bad guy

Strengths: making devious plans

Likes: loot (not money—loot), brewing trouble (and tea)

Dislikes: Melvin Beederman, unfinished sentences

Grunge McNasty is the leader of the McNasty Crime Syndicate. He’s the biggest and the smelliest and that’s good enough for him. No prison can hold him for very long, not with his criminal mind—and stinky feet.

Filthy McNasty

FilthyOccupation: notorious bank robber, all-around bad guy

Strengths: smelling nasty, being sinister

Likes: loot (not money—loot)

Dislikes: Melvin Beederman, that Melvin can see his underwear

Filthy McNasty is number two man in the McNasty Crime Syndicate. His brother calls him number two for short. When he’s not robbing banks with Grunge, he’s thinking of sinister ways to do away with Melvin Beederman.

Puke McNasty

PukeOccupation: notorious jewel thief, all-around bad girl

Strengths: getting away (she might come back later on)

Likes: giving orders to her sister, Mudball

Dislikes: vegetables, superheroes

Puke McNasty is the leader of the female side of the McNasty Crime Syndicate. Her focus?—jewels, of course. If it shimmers Puke goes after it. As the eldest McNasty sister, she’s an expert at bossing Mudball around. After all, someone’s got to do it.

Mudball McNasty

MudballOccupation: notorious jewel thief, all-around bad girl

Strengths: getting away (she might come back later on)

Likes: singing Grateful Fred songs in the shower

Dislikes: taking orders from her sister, Puke

Mudball McNasty was voted Most Likely to Become A Linebacker back in her days at Devious Dames High School. And she’s been gaining  weight ever since. She can crack most safes simply by putting her shoulder into it while yelling, “sixty-four, twenty-two, hike!”

Joe the Bad Guy
JoeTheBadGuy.pngOccupation: bad guy (see name)

Strengths: cloning rock stars

Likes: making Fred miserable

Dislikes: Fred and superheroes who get in the way

Joe the Bad Guy was kicked out of the Grateful Fred Band because he couldn’ Or...uh...carry a tune. Sometimes referred to as Tone-Deaf Joe, he has hated Fred ever since. He spends all his spare change at Big Al’s Gadgets for Bad Guys.
Big Al
BigAl.pngOccupation: Owner of Big Al’s Gadgets for Bad Guys

Strengths: making dough (not money—dough!)

Likes: bad guys who have cash

Dislikes: good guys and poor bad guys
Big Al used to be called Medium-Sized Al. Before that he was Little Al.  But this was before he discovered fast food (which used to be called slow food). Now Al is as big as his girlfriend Mudball McNasty. Together they’ve won L.A.’s Tag-Team Pie Eating contest three years in a row.

RatOccupation: rat, answers to the name “Hugo” or “Eek!  It’s a rat!”

Strengths: operating the TV remote

Likes: pretzels, root beer, The Adventures of Thunderman

Dislikes: hungry looking cats

Hugo began life as a street rat, then he graduated to garage rat. Later he became a condo rat. But he found his true calling as a tree house rat and superhero’s pet. As long as snacks are provided and the TV works, Hugo is one happy rodent.



Occupation: rock star

Strengths: making loud music

Likes: good looking Fredheads (Grateful Fred fans)

Dislikes: ugly Fredheads

Fred is the leader of the Grateful Fred band, which has recorded such hits as Yeah Yeah Baby, Baby Baby Yeah, and Yeah Yeah Baby Baby.  His greatest success came when Melvin Yeah Baby shot to number one in the charts. 


Carl.pngOccupation: former superhero

Strengths: creating killer websites

Likes: bench pressing Buicks (and sometime Dodges if no Buicks are available)

Dislikes: Melvin Beederman and his little sidekick too

Like all students at the Superhero’s Academy, Carl was an orphan.  His parents were killed by an evil dark wizard, who then turned his wrath on Carl and—oops! wrong story!
Carl lived with his father who was an auto mechanic.  One day the Buick that his father was working on fell off the jack and crushed him. Poor Carl wasn’t able to save his father that day, but he has been bench pressing Buicks ever since.

Johnny Fink


Occupation: school bully (this is not really an occupation, but it’s a start)

Strengths: picking on people smaller than himself

Likes: dishing out knuckle sandwiches

Dislikes: uppity school-girl superheroes

Johnny Fink became the lead bully at Highmont Ridge Elementary School when Steven Stink (one of the Stink brothers) graduated. Along with his sidekick, Knucklehead Wilson, Johnny is the best school bully Highmont has ever had. Steven Stink disagrees, of course.

Knucklehead Wilson

knucklehead.pngOccupation: school bully sidekick (this really isn’t an occupation, but it’s a start)

Strengths: an expert at saying “I know”

Likes: admiring his bald head in the mirror

Dislikes: people who make fun of bald people

Knucklehead Wilson came from a long line of bully sidekicks. His father, Knucklehead senior, started a support group for bullies who graduated from school and miss the “good ‘ol days.”  Knucklehead is still experiencing the “good ‘ol days." He doesn’t attend his father’s meetings.