This series for ages 7 and up, published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, has it all: hilarious story lines, amazing classic-comic-inspired illustrations, fearless new superheroes, and SNACKS!
Melvin can't wait to go to Las Vegas for the Superhero Convention. Candace can't wait to be in charge of Los Angeles. But between the horrible bullies at school and the devious and sinister Spaz Brothers (Major and his brother, Big), Candace has her hands full. And someone has stolen her cape! How will she stop all the bad guys before the city is overrun with crime?

Melvin Beederman is fresh out of bad guys to catch. Or is he? Little does he know that trouble is brewing in a dressing room at a large department store... Devious and sinister Valley girls Chantelle and Brittany aren't just trying on clothes. They're, like, hatching a totally cool plan to take over the city. Will Melvin and Candace be outsmarted by two not-so-smart girls from the Valley?

Melvin Beederman is in a pickle. Well, not really—that would be gross. But he does have a situation on his hands. The three members of the Bad Guy Brotherhood have broken out of jail, and now they’re coming after the superhero that put them there: Melvin himself! Goofball McCluskey, Max the Wonder Thug, and Calamity Wayne are using a time machine so they can get Melvin before he ever became a superhero.

Can Melvin and Candace travel back in time and reach the Superhero Academy to save young Melvin?

A few million miles away from Los Angeles, danger is lurking. Evil aliens are visiting Earth from their home planet, Dork—to kidnap Earthlings for their science class!

While busy on a snack food errand...uh, mission...Melvin Beederman, official superhero of Los Angeles, senses that something doesn't feel quite right. Can Melvin, Candace, and friends from the Superhero Academy prevail over extraterrestrial bad guys with a spaceship powered by Gamma Drive?

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The MELVIN BEEDERMAN, SUPERHERO series is published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.